About Us

The Town of Montgomery Chamber of Commerce is a civic organization dedicated to serving local businesses. Located in the scenic New York Hudson Valley, the Chamber of Commerce serves the Town of Montgomery and the villages of Walden, Maybrook, and Montgomery all located in Orange County.
The Chamber meets on a monthly basis, offering a chance to meet fellow business persons, learn about new businesses and cultural events in the town, thereby helping the business community prosper. Twice a year we sponsor "Mixers" in the community. They provide you with an opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere. In the Spring we hold our annual "Business of the Year" dinner, and in the Fall we hold another dinner event. In short, we offer something for everyone, with a dues structure that won't hurt your budget.

The Town of Montgomery Chamber of Commerce is here to serve you, and to help improve your business and the lives of the citizens of the Town of Montgomery in general. Our members, like you, are all business people with limited time. We want to offer you the services you need. We can't do it without you!

Without your input, participation and enthusiasm, we don't exist. Talk to us, and tell us what you would like for us to be to you.


2015 Officers
Vacancy, President
Riki Lent, Vice-President
Vacancy, Secretary
Donna Jennings, Treasurer

2015 Board Members

John Fallon
Ray Lustig
Nick Johannets
Shawn Dell Joyce
Joan Buck-Smith
Valentina Johnson
Matthew Flanagan
Walter Pahucki
Stephanie Falsetta