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Shop Local Logo with TMOn September 7, 2013 , General Montgomery Day, the Town of Montgomery Chamber of Commerce officially launched our new Logo, building on a theme to think, shop, buy and live local. The logo designed by Riki Lent, a board member for the chamber and Director of the Orange County Farmers Museum, expands on tying together all of the elements that make supporting our local business so critical to the local economy “It’s more than just shopping, it about giving back to the business owners and contractors who chose to establish their business in the communities where we live”. "These locals business not only pay taxes to our Town and Villages they operate in, but they also voluntarily contribute their dollars and resources to support numerous charity and community events from their business income". Brian Fitzpatrick, Interim President for the Chamber totally agrees. "These business owners are the heart and soul of all of our communities; they are extremely generous in supporting all of our local fundraising events and the first ones (group) we turn to for help. This campaign starts by simply reminding us to “THINK LOCAL”, so before you leave our town Borders to spend your money, think about the local shopkeeper, contractor, or service provider and invest in the folks who continually invest and support our town and villages". “Put your money where your heart is”, says it all for Heather Tancredi, Secretary for the TOM Chamber.  “We are very excited about the launch of our new campaign for 2014, for many reasons, it provides our chamber a message that truly and sincerely captures the very basis of our mission and that is to stimulate energy, excitement and support for our local business community, which includes every business in the Town of Montgomery.  We want to revitalize that hometown feeling where you always did business with the local electrician, lawyer, restaurant, where you knew the owners by name and they knew you.  I am always amazed when someone says I have never been in that store or used that contractor”. Our goal with this campaign is to encourage, motivate and shift behaviors to take a minute to sincerely think about your local options before your car leaves town and spend your dollars to invest your money in the health and well being of the local community you live in.

In addition to the new logo, a 2013 Holiday Season Promotion was launched by the Town of Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, local consumers who "Take the Local Challenge" and shop within the villages will have the opportunity to be entered into a raffle to earn cash back for doing thier part as well.

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